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At TryBooking we are here to help individuals and organisations raise money for good causes.

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Movie nights

Book the local cinema for your group

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Fun runs

Get support for your next big challenge

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Cycling events

Raise money for a long bike ride

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Cocktail party

Get dressed up and raise money for your organisation

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Balls and dinners

Your major fundraiser

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Casino night

Let the chips fly for a good cause

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Trivia night

A great event to challenge your friends and family 

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High tea

Raise money with tea and sandwiches

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Get creative

Bring your own fundraising idea to life


A simple online system for fundraising and crowdfunding

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Cost effective

Get more from your donations and payments with our affordable fee structure

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Free for free events

No booking fee for guests and no processing fee for you

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Collect payments, manage communication and simple reporting for your fundraising idea

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Locally Run

A local support team that understands your needs

How to run a fundraiser


Everything you need to cover off before your event runs. 


1. Sign up for a TryBooking account here

2. Brand your booking pages and add all the event details including who you are supporting. 

3. Enable donations for your event if people want to be generous. 

4. Start promoting your event through social media, newsletters and your community. 

5. Communicate with attendees before the date encouraging them to come early. 

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Everything you need for the big day or night. 


1. Print a door list so you have a back-up. 

2. Hire easy to use scanners or mark attendees off at the door.

3. Leave ticket sales open or shut them off just before the event starts. 

4. Give a short speech and get your community behind the cause. 

5. Take photos to use for follow up email and social media campaigns. 


The last steps for wrapping up your fundraiser. 


1. Run a report and find out how much money you have collected for your chosen organisation. 

2. Request your funds from TryBooking to your bank account and then transfer to their account. 

3. Thank your attendees with a follow-up email and pictures. 

4. Analyse your marketing efforts and see what worked. 

5. Good job, we salute you for your hard work. 

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We support the fundraising community with what we believe to be the lowest fees in the industry.

TryBooking is a leading online fundraising platform that supports causes, schools and community groups. There is no shortage of fundraising ideas and ways to get involved with causes or your local community. Read our guide or sign up and start selling tickets to your fundraiser today. 


TryBooking has supported the not-for-profit sector since 2007.

If you need help getting set up or creating your fundraising event page, pick up the phone and give us a call or email us at 

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We have lots of experience and can help not-for-profits and fundraisers to build great pages that engage their community. We know that bringing people together to support important causes is vital to our society.


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