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Creating a Tax Invoice

TryBooking acts as an agent for all your bookings. You, as the principal for ABN/NZBN/Company number will remit on ticket sales and will need to determine if GST/VAT should be charged on all tickets. When setting up for paid tickets, please ensure you make your ticket price inclusive of GST/VAT.

By default, TryBooking provides a receipt with the tickets. You can convert this receipt to a Tax Invoice by updating the Account Details screen.

Setting up your Company Details for the Tax Invoice.

Access to the Account Details screen is only possible by the main administrator login. On selecting Account details you will need to add your ABN/NZBN/Company Number. Select Enable GST / VAT and also determine if bookings should receive a Tax Invoice or continue to receive TryBooking's standard Receipt.  




1.  If you select to Enable GST/VAT, this will apply immediately to all future bookings for events that currently are open to take bookings. If you have events running where some or all tickets are exempt from GST, please go immediately to those tickets and turn off the GST from showing. You will find these tickets in manage events, under pricing groups.

2.  This change will only apply for new bookings. Older bookings will not show GST on the receipt.

3.  If you remove your ABN/NZBN/Company namber, your tax invoice will revert to a receipt and will no longer show GST/VAT from that point onwards.

4.  If you clone an event which was previously in the past / archived when you enabled GST/VAT, you will need to review each ticket and turn on the GST/VAT at the ticket level in pricing groups. Remember, past or archived events did not automatically have GST applied to each paid ticket type.


The card fees withheld from your paid bookings have a component of GST/VAT which can be claimed back. To manage this, run a report called GST/VAT Tax invoice to determine this amounts based on each month's bookings.


Setting GST on a Ticket Price

When adding a paid ticket, GST/VAT considerations can be made per ticket. Selecting "GST Applies" indicates that the price set includes GST/VAT. The applicable amount of tax will then be shown on your Tax Invoice for all new bookings from this point forward.

Please remember:  To check the GST/VAT on each tickets when cloning from a past or archived event, which may have been closed from taking bookings at the time you enabled GST.




Changing the Receipt to a Tax Invoice

By default, TryBooking will issue a Receipt with your tickets. In Account Details, after adding your ABN/NZBN/Company Number, you can select to change the receipt to issuing a Tax Invoice. This change will apply for all new bookings once enabled.

If you have donations also on your event, and you have a DGR status, any donations will also show with a message indicating "This donation was made as a gift. Donations over $2.00 are tax deductible".


Tip: A gift certificate does not have GST applied when purchased, but is taken into account when used to make a purchase.


Other items you could also consider

Customise the ticket to be your tax invoice,
Create a follow-up email to serve as your tax invoice, or
Add your Company name and ABN/NZBN/Company Number plus other relevant information for a tax invoice to your events Terms and Conditions.