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Data Collection Per Attendee

Collecting information per ticket holder will be useful for events such:

  • Dinners, where you need to know names and special dietary requirements.
  • Registration forms, knowing player names, previous history, medical payments etc.
  • Conferences, where only one ticket type may require a membership number.
  • Merchandise orders, where sizes and colours varying on each item.

When adding data, the following fields are provided:

  • Label - The words that your patrons will see on booking that define what you'd like them to enter into this field.
  • Mandatory - You can determine if this question must be completed or if you're happy for them to skip if not applicable (such in the case of special dietary requirements).
  • Field Type - Can be text, yes/no, a drop down list, or dates.
  • Field Name - Optional field, only needed when you will be flowing this information onto your ticket.

For more information, watch this video on Adding Fields to Your Form


TIP:  Using a List of Values field type can be handy when you need a constant field to sort on when extracting your data, i.e. team name, class name, year level, gender, or when looking for permissions and your only response acceptable is Yes.

Restricting data to a specific ticket type.

Under standard use, all Attendee data collection fields will be asked on each ticket selected by the customer. Using the Data Collection tab within a specific Ticket Type (see Manage Events, Pricing Group, select that specific ticket and then Data Collection), data fields can be removed from being requested for that ticket.




To learn more, watch this short video on Connecting Data to Specific Ticket Types.

Checking your Work

To check if you have set up your data collection correctly, click on Make a Booking, select at least 2 tickets or 1 of each ticket type and confirm your data is now correct.


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