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Handing Back Free Tickets

This feature allows any guest who books one or more tickets for a free event, to return their tickets back into the pool if they (or their group) change their mind or cannot attend the event. This provides other people with the opportunity to claim the tickets for themselves. This is an especially useful feature when the event is reaching capacity or where you just need to keep accurate numbers on those who attend.

TryBooking Definition of a Free Event

A free event is one that has no ticket type setup in any pricing group. If you have a zero valued ticket type or are using a promotional code or gift certificate to make the ticket complimentary on any session or section on your event, then this event is not considered to be free for the purpose of handing back free tickets.

How to setup to allow handing back free tickets.

When you create an event, you will be asked if your event is free or if it will have ticket prices. To enable the handing back of free tickets, you must select "Free Event" at ticket prices (as shown) and tick the box to "allow ticket buyers to return free tickets"


Note: If you change your mind later on, you can turn this feature on via your event dashboard (ie manage events, select your event).

This setting works for both seated and space events and on an individual event basis, as needed.

How does it now work?

If you have elected to allow for handing back free tickets, on each booking confirmation for this event, the ticket purchaser will see a "Ticket Return" towards the bottom of their ticket confirmation email.




By clicking on this link, the purchaser can nominate how many tickets of their original order they wish to hand back. To be sure, especially if tickets have been distributed to friends and family, the purchaser will be asked to confirm (via email) that they agree to hand back tickets via a confirmation email. Once the confirmation is actioned, a new ticket confirmation email will be forwarded with the remaining tickets for viewing or printing.  

The event organiser reports will display handed back tickets as "refunded" on all applicable reports.

Time frame for handing back tickets

Tickets can only be handed back whilst your booking window is active. Once your event has closed from taking bookings, returning free tickets is no longer possible. 

Note:  If you add in ticket prices or add in additional sections / sessions which have ticket prices associated with them, your hand back free tickets will automatically be disabled.

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