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Staff or VIP Promotions

Allow staff and your VIP's to access tickets themselves. You can limit their access to a special priced ticket but allow them to purchase additional tickets at the normal rate in one transaction. Why not streamline your workload / processing and give them the benefit of knowing their group / family are all covered and that they will be seated together.

You may wish to use this options for:

  • Staff who may receive 1 ticket complimentary but can purchase additional tickets.
  • New prospects who are considering your school and you'd like to provide them 1 ticket complimentary to your production.
  • Board members who may receive 2 tickets at reduced rates but pay for other tickets at full rate.
  • Members who receive 1 tickets at 50% off but can purchase additional tickets at full rate.

Defining special tickets, setting limits and adding promotional codes are all managed from Manage Events; select your event, and then Pricing Group.

Setting limits on a ticket type.

We recommend that you define a new ticket name for this special group, where the price is the same as your standard Adult rate. This way, the general public don't see a different rate, and more importantly, you can define a limit on that particular ticket type.

1.  Add your new ticket type ie Staff.




2.  Set the ticket price at the same rate as your Adult ticket.

3.  Save and close.

4.  Open it again now and move to the tab called Limits.




5.  Define your maximum number of tickets allowed for this ticket type.

6.  Save and check it's working via Make a Booking.

If this ticket is to be discounted, now add a promotional code as below.

Adding a Promotional to a Limited Ticket Type

In the same pricing group as your special ticket (as defined above), you will now Add a promotional code to apply to this special ticket only.

1.  Click the Add a promotional code button.



2.  Define the name, code (which you will need to provide to say your staff / special group).

3.  Set the % and value and save.

4.  Open this promotional code up again and click on the Discount Code Settings tab.

5.  Move the ticket types which are NOT applicable to this promotional code to the DO NOT allow side as shown.



6.  Test and review your work via using the Make a Booking screen to check your work. Note, you need to progress to the shopping cart screen and enter your promotional code before exiting.

Using our example above, we require the Staff Promotional code to only be available to the ticket type 'Staff'.  We have moved all other ticket types to the 'Do not apply box'.

So when your staff member will only receive 1 reduced rate ticket, they will still be able to buy additional tickets (say concession, full), select seats together, and pay for these additional tickets online as other community members do. It's just another step into allowing all your community to help themselves without you needing you to perform this task for them.