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Voiding a ticket Without Providing a Refund to the Customer

Voiding a ticket will allow you to void or cancel the customers ticket, placing the ticket back on sale for repurchase, without providing a refund to the customer. You may have a no refund policy or the person may have cancelled too close to your event date so that it is not applicable for a refund. Voiding their ticket will ensure that they are removed from the various reports and that their place is then able to be offered to another person.

To do so simply go to the Refund link located on the Account Dashboard. Once you have located and selected the booking you wish to cancel, you will be able to bring up the booking details by clicking Next.

All tickets will be selected by default. Locate the ticket or tickets you wish to void.


By default, the amount to be refunded field will have the full value of the ticket. You will need to change this to zero if you are not issuing a refund of money.  Prior to selecting OK or adding your reason, double check the top summary of your refund screen to ensure you have the correct items and value being refunded.

TIP: Once you have pressed OK you will not be able to unvoid the tickets.

All of your reports will now be updated to show the refunds that have taken place. Those that have had the tickets voided will no longer show up on the reports that refer to those attending the event. Those that have been partially refunded and the ticket not voided will still show on these reports.