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Extending a Booking Time

The time at which your event opens and closes is determined by your Booking Start and Booking End Date and Time. This is determined and set by you at the time of creating the event, or by updating the event at a later point in time. Your event will close as soon as the Booking End Date and Time has passed. Once this has occurred the following text will display on your Event Homepage in red "The booking window has closed.  Please contact the event organiser."

Understanding that people leave their RSVP's to the last minute, it's easy to extend your booking time:

1.  Click on Manage Events and find your event.

2.  Select Sessions Times.

3.  Select each date / time and move the Booking End Date / Time.  Save.

4.  Click on Make a Booking to confirm your event is now ready to take bookings again.

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